Our team is constantly ahead of the game in all collections for the seasons. Book a reservation with one of our talented stylists and let them show you how much they know!
Are you looking for a complete change of beautiful vivid tones? We’ve got you covered!
Attention men!!!…. Hot straight razor shaves! We offer a traditional hot shave and our spa royal hot shave. Book your experience today.


Our next New talent event will be August 8th from 10-3 in our salon. We are looking for inspiring individuals to join our team. Come and hear all about career opportunities.
The Tea Tree Scalp Care regimen is a preventative system that gently and naturally helps slow down the process of hair fall and creates an optimal environment of scalp health to encourage healthy, thicker hair
InkWorks is one of our favorite color lines with Paul Mitchell to make the perfect fantasy tones! Call us to book your reservation today
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